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Fresh & Clean Bulk Water to Your Home or Work Site 

Water Hauling to Stony Plain & Spruce Grove

Crystal Water Service offers water delivery and water hauling for Stony Plain, Spruce Grove, and the surrounding area. With our hauling trucks able to transport large volumes of water across many counties in and around Stony Plain, we’ve helped a variety of clients with their bulk water needs. This includes hauling and delivering water for campgrounds, construction sites, farms, mobile home parks, and for residential pools or ponds.

Our Water Hauling Service for Spruce Grove & Stony Plain

Cistern & Water Tanks

When you need a bulk supply of water for your cistern or water tank, we can deliver. We ensure that the water we are delivering is safe, clean and completely purified for your family or employees. Our trucks are sanitized to keep it clean while in transport.

Landscape & Tree Watering

Whether it’s for your lawn or garden at home or for around a commercial building, we can take care of watering trees and the landscaped areas. Newly planted shrubs and trees need watering often so that the roots grow firmly into the ground.

Pools & Hot Tubs

Have you had a new pool or hot tub installed in your backyard and now it’s time to fill it? We deliver clean water to your home and we have the equipment to efficiently fill your pool or hot tub when you need it.

Water Features

If you have a pond, fountain, or other type of water feature at your home or commercial building, we can come and replenish the water. We can also schedule a day and time that works well for you if you require regular filling on an ongoing basis.

Municipal Bulk Water Needs

Many municipalities around Spruce Grove need bulk water delivery, especially for water reservoirs. We are available Monday to Saturday and on call on Sundays – we’re always ready to receive your call; contact us today for water hauling to Spruce Grove and Stony Plain!

Reliable Water Delivery


We haul and deliver fresh water from Monday to Saturday, and we’re on call on Sundays.

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